A World of Sausages

slideaccordianhotdog1_350_233As we travel the world searchin’ for plunder, we encounter the finest sausages offered on the four corners of the globe – and select only the best to be served at El Capitan’s.

In the European style, we offer the best Frankfurter (“The” Hot Dog) found in Bellingham. We also feature a Polish Sausage, a German Smoked Sausage, and a Classic Bavarian Bratwurst. The coastal ports of Italy are the inspiration for our Italian-style veggie dog. From the seaports of the Southeastern United States, we have a Cajun-styled Louisiana hot link, and from the Southwest, we have our latest addition, our Pepper and Smoke.

All of our sausages are of the highest quality, weigh 1/4lb each, and are gluten-free. They come on our signature rolls. While not gluten free, we do offer gluten-free or low-carb alternatives.

A Treasure Trove of Condiments

slideaccordiancondiments1_350_233One of the best features of a visit to El Capitan’s, and something we pride ourselves in, is our extensive condiment bar. We feature; ketchup, 5 types of mustard, mayo, 5-7 different hotsauces including Cholula and Sriracha, and a unique sweet chili sauce.

For vegetables, we offer sweet relish, dill relish, sauerkraut, peperoncinis, jalapenos, and onions. Better yet, all of the above are included in the price of your sausage! For a minimal extra charge, we offer some tasty extras. You can add two strips of thick-cut bacon, warm cream cheese, warm spicy cheddar cheese, a blend of shredded Mexican cheese, our secret BBQ sauces, or our secret-recipe grilled onions.

Our guests love our sausages, but many will tell you the most fun part of the El Capitan’s experience is “dressin ’em how you like em”. (more photos coming soon…)

Famous Specialty Sausages

geenricspecialtydogs2_350_233We recently expanded our menu, and are pleased to announce that we’ve added two of the most sumptuous specialty dogs available on the globe. Featuring an exotic combination of flavors, they are rapidly becoming Bellingham favorites.

Created by our manager, ‘Lil Cap’n Zac, the first is called the “XO” (short  for “Executive Officer”, the second in command of a naval ship). We combine our Pepper and Smoke Sausage with bacon, grilled onions, cream cheese, and BBQ sauce.

The second, also created by Zac, is called the “Patriot” because he created and started selling it on the 4th of July, 2014. It is our all-beef hot dog with bacon, spicy cheddar cheese, and BBQ  sauce. (disclaimer, this photo is not our specialty dogs, our photos will be coming soon)

Bethany's Jumbo Pirate Parrrty Pretzels


Our other specialty at El Captian’s is our Jumbo Pretzels. When we say jumbo, we mean it! Our pretzels measure a full 6″ by 8″, and are over an inch thick.

We prepare them in a unique way – on a panini-style grill. We grill ’em so they’re golden brown on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside.

Included in the price are your choice of; butter, salt, cinnamon sugar, and mustard  (in any combination). For a small charge, add warm cheddar cheese.